HOW To Order?

Making the Order:

  • You can Place the order ( Free Delivery 🔥) Over Webiste by Filling in the Address for online Cod/Prepaid.
  • We will share the Tracking ID same/Next day once Ordered.
  • Note : Default It takes 2-3 Working days For the product to be Delivered from order Date.

Order Tracking :

  • Shipping All Over India✈
  • ★ We are Tied up With Delhivery Courier Service (COD/Prepaid)
  • ★If Chennai you can Come see and Buy or we can also courier ( Free Delivery )🔥

Enter the Tracking Number Given to you in Site you can See where the parcel

Order Payment :

  • We hope this guide was useful to you and now you are ready to make your first order with Us.
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